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What we offer
We offer a comprehensive range of services. Whether you're looking to create awareness, inform and train, inspire and create desire, drive sales, or create loyalty to your brand.

Our services include:


Voltimum offers a range of services to help you reach the right audience with the right messages at the right time through the right means. Whether you want to leverage the power of email marketing, display advertising, content marketing, social media, or a combination of all these channels.

Everything we do for you is tracked, and you can manage and steer the success of your campaign with the help of our customised, online dashboards. If you're looking to create awareness for your brand and products, we're here to help.

Engagement: train & interact

Training academy & live webinars

Our training academy is the leading online platform for electrical industry professionals, with over 105,000 people trained annually in over 500 live sessions and many more in our on-demand library of recorded webinars. 

With us you can host your own training courses and live webinars or participate in Voltimum-hosted sessions to interact with our audience. Many of our webinars also qualify for CPD (Continuous Professional Development) credits!

You can generate sales from this highly trained audience with integrated purchase functionality embedded in our platform and learn how the audience perceives and uses your products, answer customer questions, and help customers embrace your product innovations.

Train & Interact - Virtual fair

Participate in our regular virtual fairs hosted across all our markets, attracting thousands of attendees to showcase your brand and generate leads.

Our team can build a custom branded exhibition booth for you, or you can host your own virtual event on our platform with our support. We're also happy to provide you with white papers, infographics, videos, and other content to enhance your virtual booth.

Voltimum drives traffic to your virtual booth or hosted fair, creating qualified leads right after the event. Check out our Awareness section for more details.


Inspire & create desire via product content solutions

In our Premium Partner Area, showcase your solutions and products in a customised branded microsite and benefit from our 'best value finder' e-Commerce connection to distributors. We drive traffic with high buying intention directly to your pages and provide real-time insights on your customers' intended buying behaviour.

Our news, technical articles, videos (product & how-to), and eCatalogues keep your target audience informed about your company, trends, laws and regulations, and new products.

We offer custom-built configurators and selectors for your products. These tools allow for flexible configuration of all options, accessories, shunts, contacts, and wiring schemes or the selection of the right product bundle.


Sell via distributors with Voltimum e-commerce enablement solutions

Our platform offers multiple paths to conversion of leads, ensuring that professionals with high purchase intent can easily find their preferred point of sale with a range of buy buttons available across our site, including in the Premium Partner Area, product reviews, eCatalogues, training, and Voltimum Plus.

Our user-friendly approach, combined with data-driven insights, ensures high sales conversions and valuable optimisation of the purchasing journey. 

We offer services to help you convert your product catalogue data into the required formats for online channels, as well as consulting and implementation services to help you maximise your e-commerce potential.

Boost your sales and provide your audience with a seamless buying experience.

Boost your sales and provide your audience with a seamless buying experience.

Voltimum Plus, the electrical industry's premier loyalty program.


Create loyalty and drive sales via Voltimum Plus

Voltimum Plus members (electrotechnical professionals) earn points for their everyday purchases of participating brands from participating distributors both online and offline. Points can also be earned by attending webinars and online events hosted by participating partners. Members can redeem points for exclusive rewards, such as free products, event tickets, vouchers etc.

Participating brands benefit from increased sales and increased share-of-wallet. Participating distributors get access a new customer base and boost sales through e-commerce enablement and comprehensive marketing tools available on Voltimum.

Data & insights

We believe in the power of data. Our suite of data-driven solutions and services can help support and understand electrotechnical professionals.

Here are five factors that set us apart:

With Voltimum, you get everything you need from a single service provider for a seamless and efficient process. Contact us to learn more and stay ahead of the competition with the superiority of our data and market insights.

Partner with us

We take pride in our strong relationships with our partners, and it shows. Some of our partners believe in us so much that they have become investors in our company.

Our investors