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About Us

The leading
sales enabler

Voltimum is the leading digital sales enabler for the electrical industry

The largest and best addressable audience world wide
Working with all the leading manufacturers within the industry
The biggest online training platform
Loyalty Program Voltimum Plus
The fastest scaling and biggest multi-brand loyalty platform
Holistic experience
We cover all steps of the buying process: from awareness and engagement all the way to sales and loyalty
Data & Insights
Due to this holistic and unique approach we understand the industry like no one else

Voltimum has been successfully serving the electrical industry for over 20 years. We are uniquely positioned due to our global reach while adapting to local market needs. We are live in 16 markets countries, and we are continually expanding our reach.

Our team comprises of more than 15 nationalities, and we see this diversity as a key strength that helps us to better understand and cater to the needs of the markets we serve.

Data is our key asset

By using data, businesses can gain valuable insights into consumer behaviour and market trends. These insights help businesses make informed decisions on how to optimise operations, develop new products, enhance customer experience, and - ultimately - increase sales.

It requires a consolidated view on customers and their behaviour, only Voltimum is capable of.

Our mission and vision guide us

We are at the heart of the world’s greatest industry, in which energy and electricity are the lifeblood. Electrical products & solutions can change people‘s lives and make the world a safer, more comfortable and sustainable place.
Our mission
Our vision
The leading digital sales enabler in the electrical industry worldwide: by creating valuable connections and unique business opportunities through linking brands, distributors & industry professionals.

Our values determine who we are and how we want to do business.

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