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Published: Jul 2018
Theme: Door Intercom Systems
Language: German, English
Country: Germany

Door Intercom Systems

The study includes informative „Actionable Insights“. For this purpose, some of the analysis has been focused on selected manufacturers. These are used to select the right target groups and to identify the most suitable target groups.

This study was conducted in the following countries:


The study deals with the following questions / topics

What is your job position?
What type of company do you work for?
Did you already install door intercommunication systems?
How many door intercommunication systems do you install per year?
In percentage, how many orders do you have for door intercommunication systems?
In what kind of buildings did you install it?
Where do you prefer to source the products used?
How would you describe the business for door intercommunication systems for your company in 2018 compared to 2017?
In general, how do you expect business for door intercommunication systems for 2019?
What are the used brands in your projects?
What is your preferred brand?

How important are the following criterions in the decision making process for door intercommunication systems?

- Availability of products
- Price-performance-ratio
- Innovations
- Brand Awareness in market
- Easy installation

Please rate the products in the door intercommunication systems category.

- Price-performance-ratio
- Speed of installation process
- Range of products
- Quality of products
- Ease of installation

Please rate the services for door intercommunication systems.

- Technical comepetencies
- Presence
- Availability
- Technical competencies of the Hotline
- Speed in problem solving
- Speed in processing complaints

Have you ever attended training courses of the manufacturer?

Evaluate the training offered by the manufacturer.

- Online Training
- On-site training
- Quality of training
- Scope of trainings

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