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Voltimum, the largest community in the electrical industry, regularly conducts comprehensive studies on relevant topics in order to provide valuable insights into the industry. On what basis do users make a decision, what is important to them, what is your target group, with which measures do you reach exactly the users you want to reach and which actors are relevant? These and many other insights are provided by the Voltimum studies. You will also learn, which marketing measures you can use to achieve optimum results, based on the results of our studies. Voltimum studies offer you the insights you need to be successful in the long term.

Published: Jul 2018
Theme: Meter Panels
Language: German, English
Country: Germany

Meter Panels

The study includes informative „Actionable Insights“. For this purpose, some of the analysis has been focused on selected manufacturers. These are used to select the right target groups and to identify the most suitable target groups.

This study was conducted in the following countries:

Germany - 1200 participants

The study deals with the following questions / topics

What is your job position?
What type of company do you work for?
Where have you done your recent projects? Entries in percent
How much is the multimedia field in the house required?
Where do you prefer to source the products used?
When looking for a solution for your customer, where do you inform yourself first?
How many meter cabinets do you install per year?
What are the used / preferred brands in your projects?
Evaluate the apps / configurators / software of the manufacturer for meter cabinets
Please rate the ordering and processing process for meter cabinets
How do you feel about the delivery time?
How do you feel about the amount of packaging material used?
How do you see the price / performance ratio?
What is the availability in wholesale?
How do you rate the process speed of reversing a purchase?
How do you see the goodwill behavior of the manufacturer?
How do you rate the availability of a contact person in the event of a claim?
How complicated is the assembly of the cabinet?
How complicated is the installation of the inner life?
How understandable is the enclosed operating manual?
Please rate the recommendation of the manufacturer in the area "meter cabinets"
Have you ever seen / visited the manufacturer at a trade fair?
Evaluate the trade fair appearance of the manufacturer, for example at L + B or other fairs
Have you ever attended training courses of the manufacturer?
Evaluate the training offered by the manufacturer
How do you know about existing training in general?
Would you like to be informed differently?
How important is a personal care for you?
How important is a permanent contact person?
How important is a quickly available contact person, even if you did not have any contact yet?

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