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Published: Oct 2017
Theme: Cables
Language: German, English
Country: Germany

Rubber Cables

This study analyses the status on the market to find out, how users‘ opinions about rubber-cable-products are and whether there is a willingness and chance for branded products. The study explains the main findings and conclusions of the comprehensive data collection. Further studies can provide in-depth insights, such as regional peculiarities or detailed behaviour when choosing a brand. The results show that the price-performance-ratio is the most important factor in the choice of products for electricians, alongside the criteria „robust“ and „long lifespan“ for rubber-cable-products. In addition, wholesale trade (stationary and online) plays the most important role as a place of purchase as well as a source of information. The „manufacturers“ as a source of information follow only in second place.

Presumably the current status of „unbranded products“ is the reason for this. These products are perceived as standard and are purchased without much consideration (brand).

It is possible to position rubber cables as brands, even if they certainly involve considerable effort. On a positive note, the „brand as a quality indicator“ can also play a major role in rubber cables. Users trust brands and present them to standard products.

This study was conducted in the following countries:

Germany - 1000 participants

The study deals with the following questions / topics

What is your position in the company?
What kind of company do you work for?
Regional evaluation by postal code
Do you use H07RN-F rubber cables?
Where do you get your rubber cables from?
What are your expectations when purchasing rubber cables? Name your Top 3.
How often have you noticed problems with these expectations?
Correlation between „expectations/requirements“ and „problems always“
Relationship between „Expectations / Claims“ and „problems never“
Which information channels do you use with regard to Products and applications in the field of „rubber cables“?
If you would like to receive information in the future, what are you most interested in? Please name your top 3.
If you have to choose between a branded product and standard H07RN-F, which one would you prefer?
Except the standard H07RN-F rubber cables, what brands of rubber cables do you currently use?
Which suppliers of rubber cables and rubber wires do you know?
In your opinion, which manufacturer is the leader in the market for rubber cables and rubber wires?
Relationship „known“ vs. „leading“

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