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Published: Apr 2018
Theme: Smart Home & Building Automation
Language: Turkish, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
Country: Turkey, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden

Smart Home and Building Automation

The following study analyses the behaviour of electricians in the smart home/building automation market and in this context highlights how the "magic triangle" between manufacturers, wholesalers and electricians works. In this context, it is examined on the basis of which decision criteria installers select a brand, what influence wholesalers have on this decision and whether and under what conditions there is a willingness to change brands.

The study examines installers and their behaviour in the smart home/building automation market and the level of knowledge of installers in the field of smart home/building automation. It analyzes more precisely in which areas installers implement smart home/ building automation projects, how they make the product choice and which factors influence the decision-making processes. In this context, particular attention is paid to the influence of wholesalers.

The findings should show both, the manufacturer and the wholesaler, the opportunities and possibilities to optimise the resources used and at the same time draw attention constructively to possible measures which appear to be particularly promising on the basis of the results.

The study explains the most important findings and conclusions from the comprehensive data collection. Further studies could provide more in-depth insights, such as brand-relevant peculiarities or detailed behaviour when choosing a wholesaler.

The study clearly shows that wholesalers have an important influence on electricians' product choices. He enjoys a high level of trust and is seen as an "opinion leader". Therefore, manufacturers' marketing grants play a key role in the success, reputation and dissemination of the brand.

Other decisive factors, in addition to the quality and price of the corresponding product, are consulting and training services and adequate product presentations in the form of catalogues and brochures. Here, manufacturers can clearly distinguish themselves from competitors and thus benefit from the above-average willingness of potential customers to switch. Wholesale also plays a key role in this context.

The study also provides important information on current and potential target groups of manufacturers. In this context, the study contains revealing "actionable insights". For this purpose, various analyses were tailored to users of selected manufacturers in order to select the right target groups and to tailor the communication measures especially to them.

This study was conducted in the following countries:

Germany - 1000 participants

The study deals with the following questions / topics

Do you actively install the following products?
What are the most important reasons to buy at the wholesaler?
When buying at the wholesaler, what could be improved?
What should a wholesaler do to try to encourage you to use a brand other than your preferred brand?
Top 3 Reasons changing the brand (by preferred brand)?
Are you involved in Smart Home & Building Automation projects?
Where were your projects realised?
Where do you buy your Smart Home & Building Automation products?
Where do you get your information concerning "Smart Home & Building Automation"?
Regarding Smart-Home & Building Automation, which brand do you use?
Number of used brands
Use of further brands
Regarding Smart-Home & Building Automation, which brand do you prefer?
Preference: Regarding the Smart-Home & Building Automation, which of these brands do you prefer?
Approximately what share (in terms of money spent) on smart home & building automation is bought through the wholesaler (as a percentage)?
To what degree do you see yourself buying smart home & building automation through a pure online channel?
On site in the wholesaler store / On the website of the wholesaler
At which wholesalers do you buy smart home & building automation?
What is your preferred wholesaler for smart home & building automation?
On a scale from 1 to 10, how likely is it that another wholesaler could become your preferred supplier?
To what degree is your preferred wholesaler actively promoting your preferred brand to you?
What other brands for smart home & building automation are (very) strongly promoted by your preferred wholesaler?
Product innovations - Quality of services provided
Product training and demonstrations - Quality of services provided
Brand promotions - Quality of services provided
Own brand promotion from wholesaler - Quality of services provided
Technical product advice (for actual application) - Quality of services provided
What are the most important decision-making criteria when choosing a provider in the field of Smart Home & Building Automation?
Do you feel qualified to take on Smart Home & Building Automation projects?
How relevant to your business is smart lighting standalone (controller+luminaires+lamps) compared to a full smart home/office solution (incl. HVAC,Security,…)? On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 = not relevant bis 10 = very relevant)?
How much of your business is commercial compared to domestic (as a percentage)?
What do you do about consulting your clients?
Would you like the consulting to be done by others (not you)?
How do you decide about the product selection in your projects?

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