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Published: Jun 2018
Theme: Wholesale
Language: German, English
Country: Germany

The future of wholesale

The following study deals intensively with the present and future of the German electrical wholesale trade, with a clear focus on the future orientation and possible developments of the same. Among other things, it will shed light on how wholesale is perceived in comparison to other sources of procurement and what the corresponding reasons for purchasing from wholesalers are in this context.

Key topics:

- Marketshare of wholesalers
- Potential for improvement
- Success factors
- Customer group-specific differences
- Trends

The study also provides important information on current and potential target groups from all relevant wholesalers. The study contains revealing "actionable insights". For this purpose, various analyses were tailored to different user groups in order to select the right target groups and to tailor the communication measures especially to them.

This study was conducted in the following countries: Germany - 1.000 participants

The study deals with the following questions / topics

What is your position?
Which products have you already installed yourself?
Where are your projects generally implemented?
Where do you preferably purchase the products used?
Where do you prefer to purchase the products used? (According to company type)
Which information channels do you use with regards to products and applications?
Which information channels do you use with regards to products and applications?
Who do you sell your services to? How high is the share of your business with companies (B2B) in the Comparison to private individuals (B2C) in percent?
What are important reasons for you to shop at your wholesaler?
What could be improved for shopping at your wholesaler?
What should a wholesaler do to get you to try a different brand than your preferred one?
From the money you spend on products, how high is the proportion you spend on the POS / by phone at the wholesaler and what is the percentage you spend on the wholesaler website/app?
Which wholesalers do you buy products from?
Which wholesalers do you buy products from? (By postal code)
Who is your preferred wholesaler for products?
Who is your preferred wholesaler for products? (By postal code)
How likely is it that you might prefer another wholesaler in the future?
The most popular offline services of wholesalers, broken down by the most popular shopping methods of the user
The most popular online services of wholesalers
With regard to products, how would you rate the following service from your preferred wholesaler?
How do you make use of the following services?
How often do you personally visit your wholesaler's branch each week?
Which services could you imagine getting directly from the manufacturer?
Which services could you imagine purchasing directly from the manufacturer?
Would you buy products from an online retailer (not your wholesaler)?
Would you buy products from an online retailer (not your wholesaler)? (By preferred purchasing method)
How often have you already obtained consulting services / offers from wholesalers last year but then bought from a pure online retailer (not your wholesaler)?
What was the reason for this?
If you shop online, whether at a wholesaler or other online retailers, which of these services would be of interest to you?
If you think about your professional life: What is your preferred purchasing method?
Would you be willing to pay a monthly contribution to a wholesaler if you received an additional benefit such as certain services/discounts?
If wholesalers were to charge a price per consultation for their advice, what would you be prepared to pay?
Which services should be included?
What should be the monthly contribution for your chosen services?
How do you feel about "consulting" for your customers?
Do you want the consultation to be carried out by others (rather than yourself)?
Opportunity for manufacturers
How do you decide the exact product selection for your projects?
How do you decide the exact product selection for your projects? (By project type)

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