Sep 14, 2016

Voltimum Academy maximises webinar ROI


Webinars are a great platform for our partners to engage with and educate our users. With the Voltimum Academy, Voltimum Turkey is maximising the impact of this content.

Voltimum Turkey had a busy 2016. The team successfully held the company’s first ever Virtual Trade Fair in October. It has also maximised the impact of its webinars by launching the Voltimum Academy.

Webinars are one of the most important value propositions that Voltimum offers. They provide the technical and educational content our user's demand and give our partners a valuable opportunity to reach out and communicate with their customers. It is crucial that we challenge ourselves to find innovative ways to use this content, to expand our reach and provide maximum ROI.

Our colleagues in Turkey have shown they are happy to accept this challenge by launching the Voltimum Academy a dedicated training area for its users.

The Challenge

Turkey ran its very first webinar back in 2012. Since then they have become a regular – and very popular – feature of the portal, broadcasting over 70 live webinars in four years. Understanding how valuable the webinar content is for both partners and users, Voltimum Turkey set out to find a new way to present and encourage engagement with the videos they produce.

The Solution


The Voltimum Academy was launched as an area specifically dedicated to promoting education and technical webinars within the Voltimum portal. Every webinar is recorded and added to the Academy’s Youtube Channel, enabling users to watch the complete seminar anytime. The full webinars are also shortened and divided by subtopics, generating ten short educational videos for each webinar. Each video is optimised for SEO so it can be indexed by Google searches easily. It is also added to a Youtube playlist (ordered by topic), allowing users to easily follow related videos.

The result

Within a month of the Academy content going live, YouTube views for Voltimum increased by 50%.

Within a year, Voltimum Turkey aims to develop a rich library of 600 videos, covering topics like LED, smart panels, programmable logic controllers, Industry 4.0 and renewable energy among others.


The dramatic increase in views, following the launch of the academy, only reinforces that the digital landscape is undoubtedly changing, with video being one of the key tools for content marketing.

By paying attention to online viewing habits, and focusing on quality technical content, the Academy has allowed Voltimum Turkey to repurpose an already valuable resource. As mentioned in another article on this month’s Voltimum Insights Newsletter (link to video article), the development of shorter, information-rich video content is vital part of a modern digital marketing strategy. The shorter educational videos provide users with shareable, indexable content.

As the online visibility of the academy grows, so too does the potential for this shareable content which is vital for creating more impressions, driving new users to our platforms and providing more value for our members.

With Turkey’s pioneering approach already showing success, the Voltimum Academy project is due to roll out to all Voltimum markets in the near future.

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