Aug 08, 2017

Practice what you preach: Voltimum Germany adopts KNX


It is important to practice what you preach and that is exactly what Voltimum Germany has achieved with its new, automated office in Heidelberg.

Earlier this year, Voltimum Germany installed a new KNX system in its HQ in Heidelberg. The system, made of products from ABB, Busch-Jaeger, Schneider Electric and ekey, provides automated lighting, hosting and shutter control, to help maintain a comfortable and efficient working environment.

We asked Martin Zuberek, MD at Voltimum Germany, about the installation and what their partners think about the Voltimum adopting the technology.

How has it changed your working environment? What benefits have you noticed?

I have smart technology in my own house and the effect on the environment is very similar in the office. When it is built in, you start to notice how your environment behaves. Automation starts working and sometimes you don’t expect it. The system tries to ‘think’ and ‘act’ for you making changes before you realise they need to be made. For example, when it starts getting dark the lights switch on and the shutters go down. If the temperature drops, the heating system turns on.

Of course, we can still control all smart devices, manually and independently. However, managing the system is now digital, with fingerprint access control, making our business lives simpler and smarter.

Promoting smart technology plays a key role in Voltimum’s strategy. How important do you think it that we practice what we preach?

Moving to the new office was a real chance to do it right from the beginning. In our industry, we can’t always practise what we preach and we can’t possibly use products from all of our partners but in this case, it was great.

The partners with products installed love that we are a proven user of their technology. When we had our customer meeting in April, we showed our office to the attendees and they were all very impressed.

At Voltimum we are excited by the potential of smart technology and the efficiency and comfort provided by building automation.  By investing in a KNX system in our own facilities we show our commitment to our partners that we believe in this technology and understand the benefits it can provide.

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