May 03, 2018

Ebook now available about KNX Programming


Voltimum published its ebook 'The Ultimate Guide to KNX Programming' for future-proof electricians, installers, architects and home-builders.

London, UK - Today, Voltimum published its long awaited ebook: 'The Ultimate Guide to KNX Programming' in English. After the successful launch on the German market in 2004 and many versions of the ebook later, the English version has been released today. The ebook is a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to program and commission a smart home with the worldwide standard KNX.

Christian Szczensny, COO of Voltimum and co-author and editor of the ebook, says: 'As a smart home owner myself I know the comfort of a KNX installation. There’s just nothing better than a cool house when you come home after a long summer day on the beach, automatic blinding when you’re watching your club’s football match on TV or the overall comfort of automation that such a system provides!'

KNX provides great opportunities to electricians and installers to grow their business by offering value-added installations, focusing on energy efficiency, security, comfort, and assisted living.

Christian explains: 'In the last years, the German edition of our ebook has helped literally thousands of professionals to re-orientate their business from a traditional electrical company into one that offers future-proof, smart solutions. Almost all of them were successful in growing their company and profits and we wanted to bring this success story also into the English markets.' Christian explains: 'Smart homes are much more accessible in today’s world. Everyone has smart devices in their lives. People want to save energy where possible and comfort is more important than ever. KNX offers exactly this. That’s why this ebook became so successful'.

The ebook as well as a lot of free information about KNX is available on the promotional website

For professionals who want to implement KNX in their portfolio, the company mentions the following opportunities:

  • Electricians don’t just install cables anymore, they can offer programming as well. That’s a plus for their revenues.
  • For home owners it can be hard to make a decision on what they want to have in their smart homes. The ebook helps to plan and calculate the costs.
  • The home- and office markets are getting smarter. It’s time to be one of the first to claim a market share in what is to come.


About Voltimum

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