Aug 10, 2017

Become a KNX Master with Voltimum’s new e-book


This year, Voltimum worked with its partners in Germany to publish its first e-book: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering KNX.

Education is at the core of Voltimum’s global strategy. All of our portals feature webinars, training opportunities and technical guidance. This ensures our users are equipped with the knowledge to make informed purchasing decisions and give their businesses a competitive edge. We are always looking for new opportunities to work with our industry partners to provide valuable training resources for our users.

Staying true to this goal, in May 2017, Voltimum Germany published the company’s first ever  e-book. Titled The Ultimate Guide to Mastering KNX, the e-book provides a simple and easy-to-understand introduction to the world of KNX technology.

Why an e-book?

The eBook has been published as part of Voltimum’s "Smart Solutions" initiative. The initiative recognises that the demand for smart buildings is increasing and the technology is continuously developing. We are committed to providing our users with resources and training opportunities to gain the skills necessary to install this technology and profit from this growing market.

The e-book that exists today is an update on a book written by KNX expert Manfred Meier. Manfred wrote the original ETS3 Fast Course in 2004, updating it regularly until 2012.

By this point, the book had caught the attention of Voltimum’s Christian Szczensny. Although Christian had never received any professional training, using Manfred’s e-book, he was able to self-plan his own family smart home, getting to grips the products and principles involved and becoming competent at using the ETS software to configure his home.

Understanding the benefits of such a book for Voltimum’s users, Christian teamed up with manufacturers ABB and Merten (Schneider Electric) and reached out to Manfred, offering to support him in updating and publishing a new edition.

What is in the e-book?

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering KNX e-book provides readers with an introduction to KNX technology. From the design of a mini-system, to more advanced systems, the guide takes readers through the correct cabling and installation procedures across several sections. 

There is a section that provides a detailed introduction to ETS Toolsoftware Version 5, covering licensing, installation, commissioning and explanation of all essential functions.

The ultimate project guide takes the reader step-by-step through a project from A to Z. It starts at the necessary planning and preparation of the actuators and sensors, right up to the detailed explanation of the commissioning, final inspection and sign off.

In the finished solutions section, readers will learn how to map certain functionalities such as automatic shading or complete heating control.

A flexible way to train

Voltimum’s The Ultimate Guide to Mastering KNX publication provides a comprehensive guide to the basics of KNX systems integration, clearly explaining network topology and ETS software so even a layman can understand and tackle their first projects.

Attending a traditional, on-premise course is expensive and will take a full week to complete, taking the trade professional away from their regular paid work in the process. The e-book provides a flexible, more cost-effective method of learning the key principles required to achieve official KNX certification.

We partnered up with ABB and Merten (Schneider Electric) to deliver an updated version of Manfred’s guide because we saw it as a great opportunity to familiarise readers with products from trusted and established brands. That way, they are familiarised and comfortable with these systems when they have completed their training and are planning their first project.

The publication of this e-book is a clear example of the power of Voltimum. We have created a new platform  for our manufacturer partners to reach out to their customers, whilst at the same time providing our professional users with reliable technical guidance that can help enhance their business.

For more information on The Ultimate Guide to Mastering KNX e-book click here.